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Girl Tweets World: How to Data Roam Easily & Cheaply on over 100 countries

The second most common question I get asked after what’s your favourite country is how do you stay connected to the internet so much when you’re travelling?

Single Mum Travels: Global Data, Flexiroam X

What is Data Roaming? Data roaming happens when you travel outside your own country’s network into another. By having data roaming activated you will be using another country’s network for connecting to …

TRAVELDUDES: Take Your Data With You With Flexiroam X

The constant hunt for Wi-Fi hotspots while travelling is turning into a thing of the past, you can now take your data with you with Flexiroam X.

Travel with Bender: International Data Roaming… But Not As You Know It

Staying connected while on vacation can mean the difference between being stranded in an unfamiliar city and enjoying your much-deserved R&R to the fullest.

Flexiroam in global roaming pact with TripAdvisor

ASX-listed and Malaysian-founded Flexiroam Ltd said that its wholly-owned subsidiary Flexiroam Asia Ltd has signed an agreement with TripAdvisor Inc that would allow Flexiroam to leverage on the…

ExpatGo: Here's how Flexiroam can help you stay easily connected while you travel

If you travel overseas quite regularly then you know the struggles of staying connected to the internet. Wifi isn’t as widely available as we’d like it to be (and it’s not reliably fast), so the other…

TallyPress: Xperience the World With Free Data Roaming

The urge and excitement of travelling has been spreading like wildfire and an indispensable companion or utmost priority for all travel bugs when gallivanting across the globe is to ensure…

No Set Address: What is Data Roaming? How too avoid Bill Shock!

What is data roaming? Put simply, data roaming is the use of your mobile phone’s data whilst connected to a network provider different to your own. Typically this happens when you travel overseas.

BENJIAUS: Roaming in Italy

It uses a brand new technology, which is a thin microchip film that you apply to your own SIM card. Available on android and iOS, it’s really easy to set up.

This Island Life: Introducing the new SIM travel hack

Flexiroam X is a thin microchip embedded film that you stick on your SIM card, which enables you to stay connected in over 100 exotic locations across the globe, and allows you to use your phone… Here’s An App That Gives You 100GB Of Free Roaming Data Worldwide

What's the FIRST thing you worry about when you've landed in a foreign country?

DMARGE: FLEXIROAM X is the new device saving travellers from expensive data

A revolutionary roaming solution is set to redefine the way travellers stay connected while abroad, making a caffeine hit the only reason you’ll need a coffee shop.

Man of Many: Flexiroam X Means No More Data Robbery

The way Flexiroam X works is through a propriety microchip-embedded film that’s applied directly to your existing SIM card.

ytravel: Flexiroam X – clever hack for high international data roaming charges

Enter Flexiroam X – hacking away at high international data roaming charges

ITWIRE: Video Interviews and review, Flexiroam X in action

Video Interviews and review, Flexiroam X in action

Digital News Asia: Cheaper roaming service for Malaysia with new FLEXIROAM solution

An international data roaming solution, Flexiroam X, is now available in Malaysia.

Soyacincau: Stick this on your SIM card and get free roaming data

High-speed roaming data can be quite costly and rather limited depending on your mobile operator and roaming plan.

MVNO Dynamics: FLEXIROAM Launch of 'FLEXIROAM X" for Data Roaming

Perth, FLEXIROAM Limited (ASX:FRX) is pleased to announce that it’s subsidiary FLEXIROAM Sdn Bhd (“FLEXIROAM”) has launched its new flagship data roaming product, “X” today.

Vernonchan: FLEXIROAM X will change the way you roam forever

Flexiroam X is quite extraordinary to say the least. The basis of how it works lies in a revolutionary 0.08mm thin microchip that you attach to your existing SIM card. Flexiroam X launches alternative overseas data service for Australian customers

Flexiroam X launched its new service in Australia Wednesday that offers a reliable and relatively inexpensive way to use mobile data on overseas networks.

The Hyped Geek: Get free roaming data when you stick this on your SIM card

What if we told you that you could win free roaming data up to 100GB that is valid in 100 different countries? Sounds impossible? Maybe not.