Top 10 Questions

1. Does Flexiroam X work well with a Nano Sim? Will it affect my SIM card?

Flexiroam X works with Nano-Sims, as long as they are not cut from micro or regular sizes. It will not affect your SIM as it is just a thin film that sticks on your sim card.

2. Can I use my Flexiroam X microchip with an inactive (expired or terminated) sim card?

Theoretically, it will work on inactive SIM cards.

3. If I lost the X microchip along with my SIM card, will I be able to request a replacement and cancel the previous Flexiroam microchip?

Yes, we please get in touch with to arrange for a replacement.

4. Can I purchase Flexiroam X from the airport? Do you have a store in the airport?

Yes, you can purchase Flexiroam X at the airport. We have two airport stores which is located in Kuala Lumpur International Airport(KLIA), Malaysia. We are at level 5 (nearby Body shop) in KLIA, and at L2.142, Level 2 - Arrivals, Gateway @ KLIA 2. Operating hours are from 6am – 12 am, every day.

5. Are there any discounts for the microchip or membership?

Yes, we’re offering the membership at a discounted rate of $9.99 (normal price $19.99) and the X microchip starter pack(worth $19.99) is given FREE with the membership.

6. What data speeds will I get when traveling?

We have 3G coverage in over 100 countries and 4G coverage in 56 countries. To view the full list, check our coverage here.

7. I’ve forgot to key in my friend’s referral code. Can I enter the referral code after I register?

We’re afraid not. The registration and referral code promo is a one-time situation.

8. Is my 1 year membership activated when I scan and activate my microchip?

Your 1 year membership is activated on the day you purchased the membership. Scanning the microchip is to link up your microchip with your account, it does not affect the membership in any way.

9. Would I still get the data if my friends uninstall & reinstall with my referral code?

We’re afraid not. The registration and referral code promo is a one-time situation.

10. Are there any promo codes?

There will be promo codes from time to time, so do stay tuned and look out for them at our Facebook page.

Getting Started

What is Flexiroam X?

Flexiroam X is a thin microchip that is attached on top of your existing SIM card and enables you to access Flexiroam’s low cost data roaming whilst overseas.

The microchip connects to local networks when you are overseas. It is an easy one-time application to overcome the hassle of switching SIMs every time you travel.

Click here to download the Flexiroam X app now!



How can I use my Unlocked Data?

To start using your Unlocked Data, subscribe to the Flexiroam X-Membership which comes with a FREE Starter Pack.

The Starter Pack contains a X-Microchip that enables you to use mobile data in over 100 countries.

Product Image

I’ve received my Flexiroam X Starter Pack, what’s next?

A. Follow guide to attach X-Microchip onto your SIM card

B. Connect your device to Wi-Fi, open the Flexiroam X app, tap on activate X to scan the barcode on the applicator

C. Switch to the Flexiroam X network

D. Configure APN & turn on data roaming

E. Turn off Wi-Fi to check the X connection status

How many countries is the service available in?

The Flexiroam data roaming service is now available in over 100 countries. Click here to check coverage.

How can I get a Flexiroam X-Microchip?

First time membership subscription comes with a FREE Starter Pack. You can order the FREE Flexiroam X starter pack (which contains the microchip and applicator) via the Flexiroam X app. We will ship it to your doorstep in 3-5 business days at a rate of as low as $5.

What devices is the Flexiroam X compatible with?

The Flexiroam X is compatible with any unlocked internet enabled iOS and Android mobile devices with any SIM sizes. Please check with your local service provider if you need to unlock your device to enable network service by other telco providers.

Note that the Flexiroam X-Microchip will not work on Nano SIMs cut from micro or regular SIM and micro SIMs cut from regular SIM due to the thickness of the SIM.

Known incompatible devices

i. Xiaomi Red Note 2

ii. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

How does the Flexiroam X-Microchip work?

First, the X-Microchip is attached on top of your existing SIM card. Once attached, it will allow you to switch between Flexiroam's network and your existing network.


When you travel and switch to the Flexiroam X network, the X-Microchip will roam on Flexiroam’s partner networks in over 100 countries.

When the Flexiroam X is active, you won’t be able to receive or make calls on your existing network. Just switch back to your home SIM to return to your existing network.

Will the X-Microchip affect my ability to make calls, receive SMS or access data on my existing network?

No, the X-Microchip does not affect your existing network or call plan in any way when not switched on.

When Flexiroam X is active (switched on), you will only have access to roaming data networks via the selected roaming partners in the countries you are in at that moment. You will not be able to receive calls, SMS or access data through your home telco provider while the Flexiroam X is switched on. Just switch back to your home SIM to go back to your existing network.

How to apply the Flexiroam X-Microchip on my SIM card?

It is an easy 3 step application using the applicator found in the starter pack.

Nano SIM Guide

Micro SIM Guide


Can I transfer the Flexiroam X-Microchip to another SIM card?

No, you cannot transfer the Flexiroam X-Microchip to another SIM card once you have stuck the X-Microchip onto your SIM. The microchip is meant for a one-time application only. Removing or bending may damage the microchip and render it unusable.

Flexiroam X App

Where do I download the Flexiroam X app?

You can download Flexiroam X through the iOS App Store and Google Play store.

Can I use the Flexiroam X app without a Flexiroam X Microchip?

Yes, but you will not be able to enjoy low cost roaming data without the X Microchip.
The Flexiroam X app will allow you to:

  • Subscribe to X Membership
  • Unlock 1GB Xtra Data Packs for US$29.99
  • Check your data balance
  • Unlock free data by referring Flexiroam X to friends and family
  • Unlock free data by participating in data giveaways, weekly events or watching video ads

Do I have to create an account to use the app?

Yes, to use all the features in the app, you will need to register and create an account.

Will there be a Windows Phone app?

Yes, we are planning to develop the Flexiroam X app for Windows Phone.

How can I monitor my data usage overseas?

A dashboard within the Flexiroam X app provides information on your data usage and remaining data balance.

What payment methods are available via the app?

You can pay via credit/debit card. Available for Visa and Mastercard.

What currency will I be charged in?

All transactions will be conducted using USD.

Will the data that I purchase expire?

Data purchased will be valid for as long as your Flexiroam X Membership subscription (12 month blocks) is active.

Usage overseas

What data speed will I expect when roaming with Flexiroam X?

You can expect up to 4G data speed. Check here to see if your destination is covered.

Will I be able to receive coverage throughout the country I roam in?

Check here to see if your destination is covered.

What happens when I run out of my data allowance?

You can

  • instantly unlock 1GB data with the Xtra Data Pack for US$29.99
  • Refer more friends and unlock 100MB per successful referral
  • Unlock free data through events/promotional giveaways or weekly giveaways
  • Watch available videos to unlock data

Is there a risk of accidentally using my original Telco’s roaming data while overseas?

No, when you have Flexiroam X enabled/toggled on, it will only consume data from your Flexiroam X allowance. In order to use roaming data 
from your original Telco, Flexiroam X must be disabled/ toggled off.

Can I use Wi-Fi when I’m roaming with X?

Yes, your phone’s Wi-Fi functionality will be unaffected by Flexiroam X.

Will I be able to receive calls or SMS while using X overseas?

No, to receive calls or SMS on your personal number, you will need to disable/toggle Flexiroam X off.

Why is my data diminishing so fast?

First, check if you have any applications or updates running in the background.
If you believe that your data balance is incorrect, please contact us at .

Using the App and Data

What is the Flexiroam X app?

The Flexiroam X app allows you to earn free data, check your unlocked data balance and purchase instant data unlocks (Xtra Data Pack).

Download the Flexiroam X app now!


How can I unlock free data?

There are several ways available in the app to unlock free data:

Refer a friend to download and sign up with your referral code! You and your friend will get 100MB data unlocked each!

Watch video ads posted by Flexiroam and its partners for trending promotions and get rewarded with free data!

Apply Promo Code obtained from special events organized by Flexiroam and its partners! Like Flexiroam’s Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for upcoming events!

Facebook page


Check the app daily so you don’t miss out on free data promotions!

*Terms and conditions apply.

I can't activate my X Microchip

Place your card applicator on a flat surface. Open the Flexiroam X app, tap on Activate Flexiroam X, then tap on SCAN BARCODE TO ACTIVATE.

Scan the barcode on the back of your microchip applicator.

Make sure your microchip applicator is under sufficient light and clearly visible on the app scanner. Your mobile devices' camera should be functioning properly to activate the X Microchip.

Watch the video guide here. Video Guide

If you still have difficulties activating your X Microchip, please contact

I can’t connect to Flexiroam X to use data.

A. Check if your membership is valid
B. Switch off Wi-Fi
C. Switch to Flexiroam X
D. Configure APN Settings
E. Switched on Mobile Data and Data Roaming
F. Good signal strength

If problem persists, please contact us at

How do I switch back to my home network?



Does Flexiroam X Microchip provide a mobile number?

No, the Flexiroam X does not come with a mobile number therefore voice call and SMS functions are not available with Flexiroam X.

If you are looking for international voice call and SMS services, download the Flexiroam Voice app now! The Flexiroam Voice app allows you to make international calls at super low rates! Flexiroam Voice app also offers rental to international numbers and services that allows you to maintain your local existing number whilst overseas.

How can I tell that I’ve switched to the Flexiroam X network while traveling?

After setting up your Flexiroam X, you will be notified via the Flexiroam X App that your are using Flexiroam X network whilst travelling.

A. Switch Indicator

B. Connection Indicator

Can I use Flexiroam X for data and my normal telco provider for voice at the same time?

No, you can't use your normal telco provider once you are using the Flexiroam X. However we would advise you to use our Flexiroam App for your voice services as we offer lower rates and you can still keep your existing number.

Why is my Flexiroam X not connected after all the setup are done correctly?

First, check if you have activated your microchip(by scanning the barcode on the card).

If you're connected to WiFi, the status bar in the app will not show the X as "connected".

You should be able to see the X connected status after relaunching your app. You can relaunch the app by quitting it from the multitasking tray "swiping it off" then launching the app again.

Why I can't download Flexiroam X from the Appstore or Playstore?

Kindly contact Flexiroam's support team at for further support. Please furnish us with your phone number so that we can call you back.

Data & Membership

What is the 1-year membership subscription?

The 1-year Flexiroam X-Membership allows access to the unlocked data on your X-Microchip. You will receive a free X-Microchip along with your first 1-year membership subscription.

When your membership is renewed, your unlocked data will also be carried forward.

one year membership

What are the Xtra Data Packs?

The Xtra Data Pack allows you to instantly unlock data with an amount of unlock fee. Your unlocked data will be valid as long as you are subscribed to an active 1-year membership.

Currently available Xtra Data Pack:

  • 1GB Xtra Data Pack for $29.99 (RRP $49.99)

Will the data that I purchase expire?

Data purchased will be valid for as long as your Flexiroam X membership subscription (12 month blocks) is active. If you choose to renew your membership, all of your unlocked data will be carried forward for another year! However, if you do not, then the unlocked data will expire.

Is it safe for me to provide my credit card details?

Absolutely! We do not store any of your card information and the whole verification process is carried out through a reliable third party payment system, Braintree by PayPal.

I need more data urgently!

Purchase the 1GB Xtra Data Pack in the Flexiroam X app to get more data. Your data will be valid as long as you are subscribed to an active 1-year membership.

What are the refund policies?

If your Flexiroam X-Microchip is damaged or failed to activate, users are advised to contact Flexiroam’s support team at In the event that the sticker is not compatible or faulty, we will send you a new one with no charges.

I have successfully subscribed for a membership but my app shows no membership subscribed. Why?

Kindly contact with the details of your payment so that we can check whether or not the transaction was successful.

How do I purchase a starter pack for my friends?

You can purchase it at our airport kiosk at KLIA(Malaysia) and KLIA2 or contact us at +60326318181 so that we can assign an X-Agent to assist you.


What payment methods are available in the app?

You may make payment via Credit Card(Visa or Mastercard) for membership subscriptions and to unlock data.

About recurring charges.

Your Flexiroam X-Membership subscription will be automatically renewed upon expiring.
If you wish to disable the auto renewal, you may do so in the app settings.

Auto Renewel


My credit/debit card was charged incorrectly or for the wrong amount.

If you believe that you were charged incorrectly, please contact us at with the details of the transaction. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Why can't I purchase Flexiroam X with my debit card?

Flexiroam uses BrainTree by PayPal for secure payments in our app. Certain debit cards are not accepted by BrainTree as a valid form of payment.

Voice Call

How long is the call duration?

Maximum 10 mins per call

What is the minimum balance to make calls?

Minimum of 500mb balance is required to make calls

Will I be charged if the other party does not answer?

No. Once a call is connected, you will be charged. For example, if the other party does not answer and it goes into voicemail.

How much data is deducted for a call?

If you've subscribed to a membership, 10MB/min will be deducted for calls. If you're yet to subscribe to a membership, the rate is 50MB/min.

Caller ID

Why do I need to verify my caller ID? Verify your caller ID so that your mobile number can be displayed to the person you are dialing to.

How to verify my caller ID?

Make sure you are connected to your HOME SIM network and do not switch to X for this step. Once you click on the "Add your caller ID" link, you will be brought to a page that contains a six-digit code. You will receive a phone call shortly, enter this code on your phone keypad to verify your number.

Can I call special numbers like 1800 / 1300 or 999?

No, we do not support the calling of emergency numbers and toll free numbers.

Can I call with WiFi?

Yes, you can make calls as long as you have an internet connection, however, call charges will still apply when you are using WiFi.

My contact list appears empty

If your contact list is large, it may take several seconds to load the entire contact list. If you still do not see any contacts after several seconds, please allow permission to access your contacts via your phone settings.

My contact cannot hear me during a call

Please allow Flexiroam X to access your microphone in your phone settings.

Which countries can I call to?

Please check the country list in the call screen.

Error messages

Insufficient data to make call
You are unable to make calls if you have less than 500mb unlocked data balance.

Invalid phone number. Please check again.
You may have keyed in a number that doesn't exist or trying to call toll free numbers 1300 / 1800 numbers.

Please enter phone number or select from contacts to call.
If no country is selected or if you press the call button without keying in any number in the dial pad screen.

Call failed. Please try again later
When Flexiroam is unable to connect to the other party. The person you're trying to call may be in a location with no coverage.

Call is busy at the moment
When the receiver's phone is engaged.

Please select country to call
If no country is selected before making a call

This is not a valid phone number. Please check country selection.
Example: If the phone number you wish to dial is +61XXXXXXX but you've selected USA +1 in the dropdown country selection. Please select the right country e.g. Australia for +61XXXXXXXX numbers.


How long will it take for me to receive the X starter pack?

Once we process your order, shipping takes an average of 3-5 working days depending on your location.

Where does Flexiroam ship to?

We currently ship to the countries listed below*. If you’re currently living outside the countries we ship to but interested in Flexiroam X, register by contacting

*The list is subjected to change.

Countries Price(USD $)
Albania 11.00
Anguilla 18.50
Armenia 11.00
Aruba 18.50
Australia 5.00
Austria 9.50
Bangladesh 6.50
Barbados 18.50
Belgium 10.00
Bulgaria 11.00
Canada 7.00
Croatia 11.00
Cyprus 11.00
Czech Republic 11.00
Denmark 9.50
Dominica 18.50
El Salvador 18.50
Estonia 11.00
Faroe Islands 18.50
Finland 9.50
France 9.50
Georgia 11.00
Germany 9.50
Ghana 18.50
Greece 11.00
Grenada 18.50
Guernsey 11.00
Guyana 18.50
Haiti 18.50
Hong Kong 5.00
Countries Price(USD $)
Hungary 11.00
Iceland 11.00
India 8.50
Indonesia 5.00
Ireland 9.50
Jamaica 18.50
Japan 6.50
Kazakhstan 11.00
Kenya 8.50
Kuwait 18.50
Kyrgyzstan 18.50
Laos 6.50
Latvia 11.00
Lesotho 18.50
Lithuania 11.00
Luxembourg 9.50
Malaysia 5.00
Malta 11.00
Montserrat 18.50
Netherlands 9.50
New Zealand 6.50
Nigeria 18.50
Norway 9.50
Pakistan 6.50
Panama 18.50
Papua New Guinea 18.50
Peru 18.50
Philippines 6.00
Poland 11.00
Portugal 9.50
Countries Price(USD $)
Romania 11.00
Saint Kitts And Nevis 18.50
Saint Vincent And the Grenadines 18.50
Samoa 18.50
Saudi Arabia 11.00
Singapore 5.00
Slovakia 11.00
South Africa 18.50
South Korea 6.00
Spain 9.50
St Lucia 18.50
Suriname 18.50
Sweden 9.50
Switzerland 9.50
Taiwan 5.00
Tajikistan 11.00
Thailand 6.00
Tonga 18.50
Trinidad And Tobago 18.50
Turkey 11.00
Turks And Caicos Islands 18.50
Ukraine 11.00
United Arab Emirates 12.00
United Kingdom 9.50
United States 7.00
Uzbekistan 11.00
Vanuatu 18.50
Vietnam 6.00
Virgin Islands British 18.50
Virgin Islands British 18.50