Testimonials from Flexiroam X users

It's So Easy

I've been using Flexiroam X for my entire month-long trip in Europe, across 5 countries and the service has been seamlessly impressive. I'll never go back to not using this when I travel. It's just so easy, affordable, and saved me hours trying to get a new SIM in each new city.

Very Useful

I used the Flexiroam SIM on the weekend as I was travelling to an area in Victoria with little or no reception for Vodafone users. Over the long weekend I often switched to the Flexiroam X to gain access to mobile data (Twitter, sporting apps, internet etc). I found your product to be very useful and have recommended the app to a number of family & friends.

Great For Europe

Absolutely loved using Flexiroam X while on my 3-week Europe trip across multiple countries without having to remove my Malaysian sim. Seamless switching to the local network each time we arrived.

Certainly saved me time and cost not having to figure out where to buy local sim cards and unused credit balance. Am a fan. Well done, Flexiroam!

Ideal for Frequent Multicountry Travelers on a Budget

I traveled to USA, Indonesia and now in Korea the past month, all seamlessly switching on and off on Flexiroam X international data roaming, across multiple local networks.

The US$30 for a small 1GB in 100 plus countries is worth it as opposed to buying multiple SIMs but waste unused data. Ideal for frequent multicountry travelers on a budget.

The Best Roaming Product I've Ever Used

I've been using Flexiroam for a few months now and in several countries around the world. This is the best roaming product I've ever used. Works every time without a glitch and it simplified my travel experience enormously!


Dr Mario Hardy,
CEO - Pacific Asia Travel Association

Everyone can data roam!

Like Airasia X, everyone can now roam with Flexiroam X.

You are my best travel partner to the world.

Think Travel, Think FLEXIROAM X.


Andrew Lim,

Wonderful in New Zealand & Australia

I did not have a problem with the service when we are in New Zealand. I can connect to the internet in everywhere in New Zealand and I am very happy to have that. I only use one GB for the whole seven Days in Auckland plus two days in gold Coast. I would recommend this to everyone.